Hanoi Countryside Biking

Hanoi Countryside Biking


Hanoi countryside bike tours give you a unique look at how the locals live in rural parts of Hanoi, with a wide array of routes offered by tour operators within the city. Exploring a foreign destination by bicycle is also a great way to stay active and meet like-minded travellers, especially if you’re joining group excursions while on vacation.

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Conducted between 07:00 and 12:00 or 14:00 till 19:00, a full-day countryside bike tour in Hanoi gives cyclists the opportunity to visit local villages, roadside food stalls, rice fields, war memorials, and pagodas – with an English-speaking tour guide providing a brief history and interesting facts.

The number of stops also vary from one tour operator to another, though most tours visit Hanoi’s Red River, Eiffel Bridge, and Co Loa’s Ancient Citadel, A must-visit during your bike tour is Vietnam’s first ancient village called Duong Lam, which has houses dating back up to 400 years as well as 21 relic sites such as temples, pagodas and tombs.

Co Loa’s Ancient Citadel
Co Loa’s Ancient Citadel

Several Hanoi countryside bike tours also stop at West Lake, Hanoi’s largest freshwater lake. Providing ample sightseeing opportunities, it houses the ornate Tran Quoc Pagoda (Vietnam’s oldest temple) and Quan Thanh Temple, which is one of Vietnam’s ancient Four Sacred Temples built during the reign of King Ly Thai To.

 Quan Thanh Temple
Quan Thanh Temple

We recommend Hanoi Biking Travel, which offers full-day group and private cycling tours for prices starting US$32, which are inclusive of an English-speaking guide, entrance fees, helmet, lunch, coconut water and sugar cane juices, as well as bottled water.


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